School Background

About Us

At Castle Caereinion School, we pride ourselves on the broad and balanced education we provide and the atmosphere of warmth, care and co-operation that pervades.

We value all pupils for their individual qualities and talents, and our central concern is that they realise their potential. We provide a stimulating and purposeful working environment that motivates our pupils to strive for high standards.

Our warm, caring atmosphere and close-knit team of teachers and support staff ensure that all children are known and valued as individuals, thus easing the transition between classes and across key stages.

A school was first established in Castle Caereinion over two hundred years ago. Today the original school still stands near the Church of St. Garmon and in the heart of the village.

The current school building comprises the traditional Victorian, two-room design with several modern additions that include a new classroom, an ICT suite, a library and a staff room. The building also adjoins the recently extended Community Hall, which the school uses for lunches, Collective Worship, PE, school performances and fund-raising events.

The school is set in beautiful surroundings. It has its own field, garden area, playground and has the use of adjoining larger playing fields.

One of our Foundation Phase classrooms is shared on a Friday morning with Bright Sparks, the pre-school, with which we have close links, thus ensuring a seamless transition and continuity from pre-school to eleven years of age.

The school follows the Powys LA arrangements for admissions. Please see the Powys LA website for more details.

The school is responsible for controlling its own financial budget and administration.

We look forward to meeting you and establishing the close working relationship that will ensure your child has a successful and rewarding time at school.

Pupil Deprivation Grant


Each year schools are awarded a sum of money from the Welsh Government commensurate with the number of pupils on roll eligible for free school meals, based on a 3-year average. 

This money is to provide enhanced opportunities for all pupils in the school, but especially to those eligible for free school meals. 

We currently have two pupils on roll eligible for free school meals and receive a PDG of £1150.00.  This is spent on an additional Teaching Assistant to lead interventions to support our most needy pupils. 

We have also received an Accelerated Learning Plan Grant of £943.30. We are using this to support our all children with additional maths and literacy to close gaps in learning.